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An example of a joke brief

Hi Barry, my name is Thomas and I am the best man for my friend George. I would like some jokes for my speech that I am going to give. 

These are some points I would like you to talk about. 

  • excellent musician
  • great voice
  • humble & quiet in nature
  • loves soccer
  • web designer

The actual joke (written and presented by Barry Hilton)

Hello I’m Thomas

I need to tell you a few things about my dear friend George on his wedding day.

  1. I’m the best man, which confuses me a bit, because if I really was the best man I’d be the one getting married to Debby today.
  2. Sam is a great musician, and he is both humble and quite in nature. So humble in fact he uses another name on stage.
  3. He’s so quiet he asked Debby four times to marry him, eventually she heard him.
  4. He loves soccer, particularly Man Utd, but Sam, I don’t thing taking Debby to a football match at Old Trafford would be Debby’s idea of a romantic start to the honeymoon, saying that if you do, you wont score for a long time
  5. He’s a web designer, that means he plays around a lot on a keyboard, but tonight i think he’ll playing with something else, it’s not what you think. He’s taking an iPad with him.